Was XP Microsoft's Last Good OS?

Windows Vista: complaints, complaints, complaints.  Rightfully so, however.  Was XP the last good OS from Microsoft?

Everybody's talking today about "Drivergate" — internal Microsoft e-mails that show senior Microsoft executives personally struggling to use hardware products sporting the "Windows Vista Capable" sticker. The e-mails also show that Microsoft lowered its standard for some hardware compatibility, apparently to help Intel impress Wall Street.

This revelation is simply the latest in a long series that add up to one inescapable conclusion: Windows Vista sucks. (And making it cheaper won't help, either.)

Microsoft needs to learn to stop using email.  Honestly, every case that goes against them seems to use emails as a major source of evidence.

The writer is correct that simply reducing the price is not going to fix it. Will SP1 help? If Microsoft can't even get the the prerequisite patches working right, it's not going to give end users a warm fuzzy feeling about installing SP1.

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