Warpia's ConnectHD Brings Skype To The Living Room's Big Screen

Skyping on your couch. Who would have ever thought that would be "a thing." Crazy as it sounds, some people actually do prefer video chatting on the big screen, not on the handheld ones, and that's where companies like Warpia step in. They've just announced the new ConnectHD (SWP400VC), which brings a wide-angle camera (HD) and multidirectional microphone to your TV. The purchase? To enable video calls in the living room. Furthermore, there's a second major ability tucked in: it gives users an easy way to stream content wirelessly from any laptop computer to an HDTV without limitation. The ConnectHD can be used for additional entertainment such as playing PC Webcam games, watching movies and any online content on your large screen HDTV with the entire family.

The ConnectHD with HD video and stereo audio enables users to stream any content from their notebook or PC wirelessly to an HDTV in 1080p full high definition. Content such as streaming video, pictures, movies, presentations, Facebook, Twitter and other applications can be shown on your HDTV in the room without the hassle and clutter of wires while you continue to use your laptop screen to surf the web, check email, and more. Full features and benefits include:

Make Video Conference calls on your HDTV
Make and receive video teleconference calls with the built in wide angle MJPEG HD webcam and high quality external microphone from your living room using any Video Conferencing applications including Skype or MSN Messenger.
View Internet and Laptop Content Wirelessly on your HDTV
Stream any type of media wirelessly from your PC* to any HDTV**, including movies, pictures and online content, all in HD quality.
Play on your HDTV
Playing PC Webcam games in front of a large HDTV enhances the gaming experience and transfers game play from the desk to the living room for a more enjoyable experience.

The ConnectHD includes a wireless USB PC adapter, a wireless USB TV adapter with HDMI (Audio and Video) and camera, external microphone, a HDMI cable and a CD with easy to install software. Two screens at once, the Warpia ConnectHD now extends your world wirelessly for $199.99 SRP at www.warpia.com/products/connecthd-swp400vc .

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