Walmart To Go Brings Online Grocery Shopping To San Jose

Believe it or not, people have had their grocery orders made online for years now. It's not nearly as popular as you might think, mostly because these services are generally reserved for city-dwellers, but it definitely exists. Now, Walmart wants in on the action. The mega-retailer has just announced a trial run for online grocery delivery in California, with San Jose being the lucky duck. It's being called "Walmart To Go," and as the retailer has spread their wings into groceries more and more, the move makes a ton of sense.

Walmart has thrived with selling foods because it's a one-stop shop, and that's easier on consumers. But as more and more people buy repeat goods online, there's obviously an opportunity to take that one step further and toss groceries in there as well. The test will allow customers to visit and order groceries that you'd normally find in a store, including fresh produce, meat, seafood, frozen goods, baby supplies, household items, beauty products, etc. There aren't any other details on potential price premiums or delivery ranges, but we suspect a lot will be riding on this trial. Are people really too strapped to shop for groceries in-store? Is online grocery shopping the next big way to kill time during lunch?