VTech's New Landline Phone Downloads Mobile Contacts And Talking

Verizon's chief has already declared the landline "dead," but if you're still hanging onto your landline phone while the grave is being dug, you just might be interested in this. VTech is taking landline phones where they've never gone before, with its DS6321-3 being the first cordless phone system capable of downloading cellular phonebook directory entries using Bluetooth technology.

Furthermore, users can connect up to four Bluetooth devices (two of which can be mobile phones) to the phone, enabling them to actually have mobile calls with the landline handset. In other words, you can have your cellphone charging in your bedroom, and if someone calls it, you can answer the call via your landline handset. Wild, no?

If you're already in the market for a new home phone, this one's probably apt to get more use than any other--particularly if you also use your mobile at home. It's available now direct from VTech for $99.95, though it'll hit Best Buy stores next month.

"At just $100, the DS6321-3 is an affordable communication solution for any household or small office, especially for 'cord cutters' that rely on cellular service," said Matt Ramage, senior vice president, product management, VTech Communications, Inc. "By converging Bluetooth technology with the benefits of a landline phone, this system helps users avoid typical cellular problems, such as battery life issues, poor audio quality or dropped calls."

With three handsets included and optional expandability up to 12 handsets requiring only one phone jack (using the DS6301 accessory handset, sold separately), the sleek DS6321-3 makes it easy to answer cellular or landline calls from any room. As long as the cell phone is left within Bluetooth range (typically 30 feet) of the base station, users can enjoy clear, comfortable cell phone calls using the handset - up to 1,500 feet away. Users without a landline can still take advantage of the DS6321-3, since all cellular calls made or received on the DS6321-3 use mobile plan minutes.

For hands-free landline conversations, users can make and receive traditional landline calls on the DS6321-3 while using a Bluetooth headset, or take advantage of the handset speakerphones.