VOYAGER Android Phone Wants To Stay Planted In Your Car

Remember back in the day, when your mother owned a "bag phone?" One of those phones that never left the car. For whatever reason, it seems that the car-connected phone may be swinging back into style. Accel Telecom has just launched VOYAGER, which is described as the "first standalone Connected Car Smartphone device that can be easily installed in any car and operates using an existing phone number via a twin-SIM." In other words, you can keep your existing smartphone for out-of-car use, but avid road warriors will be able to hop in their automobile and have their VOYAGER take over from there.

VOYAGER is a dedicated Connected Car Smartphone device that promises to provide safer service than existing solutions. It's based on Android, and has a Qualcomm HSUPA radio inside. It's built to nhance safe driving with hands-free dialing, dedicated large physical keys, in-car 3G Wi-Fi Hotspot, and integration with on-board diagnostics (OBD) to allow car diagnostics, fleet management applications and more.

We aren't so sure we're buying all of this, but for companies managing fleets of vehicles, it seems like an interesting enterprise solution.