VoodooPC Legend Rahul Sood is Taking His Talents to Razer

Rahul Sood is joining Razer as an advisor to the gaming peripheral maker's board of directors, Razer announced today. The founder of VoodooPC will provide strategic counsel on all aspects of Razer's business, everything from global operations to sales, marketing, and product development, the latter of which is particularly intriguing.

"I’m a fan of Rahul’s work at VoodooPC, and it is our shared passion for PC gaming and technological innovation that makes his involvement with Razer so relevant and exciting," says Min-Liang Tan, Razer CEO. "In fact, it was his work at VoodooPC that inspired us to enter the systems business, and I believe his advice will be invaluable to us here at Razer."

Rahul Sood

Razer's best known for its gaming peripherals, especially its extensive line of mice, but it's been trying its hand at bigger products as of late, including the Razer Blade laptop and Razer Edge tablet, both of which are uniquely designed for gamers. If that's the direction Razer continues to go in, Sood's counsel could prove invaluable.

VoodooPC was a premier boutique builder of specialized PCs for gamers. It was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2006, and at the time, Sood accepted a job as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for HP's Global Gaming Business. He resigned in November 2010 and has been floating around Microsoft ever since.

"Razer is an extraordinary company in an enviable position and I’m really excited to join the business at such an exciting time in its history," says Sood. "I have admired Razer for many years. The company makes incredible products, their brand is thoughtful yet soulful, and they have a diehard and growing fan base. Moreover, the executive leadership is both inspired and inspiring. I see Razer as the spiritual successor to our previous work at VoodooPC."

Those are big words from a highly respected pioneer in the PC gaming business.