Vonage's Time To Call iPhone App Takes On Skype

Did someone crown this week the week of VoIP? There's been quite a few things flying around -- namely, Google's decision to lower VoIP calling rates from within Gmail, and now, Vonage's decision to battle on the iOS front. Oh, and Viber came out with an Android app. See what we mean?

Vonage has long since proclaimed to be the cheapest in-home way to call folks around the world, and now that's spreading to the mobile front. This week marks the launch of their pay-per-call international app for iPhone, with Direct Payment through your existing iTunes account. There's even free calling to 100 countries available with every download for a limited time, and after that, the Time To Call app will let consumers "make 15-minute international calls at a fraction of the cost of major mobile carriers with easy payment directly through iTunes."

With Time to Call, there's no ongoing commitment and calling is quick and easy. After downloading the app, customers simply select the country they want to call, touch the Buy button and enter their iTunes credentials, then make the call either from their address book or by directly dialing the number.

Fifteen-minute calls to 100 countries range from $0.99 to $1.99; more than 90 additional countries can be called for flat rates ranging up to $9.99. Calls to landlines and mobile phones are the same rate, and users do not have to be Vonage home phone service subscribers. So much for using that typical "phone number," huh?
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