Volkswagen Routan To Get In-Car Wi-Fi Option

Autonet Mobile has been around for years, believe it or not. We know -- it's not like you've actually seen Wi-Fi in too many cars, but the company has been installing its services in vehicles for quite some time. Just recently, however, the service has begun to gain real traction in America, and we don't think it's a coincidence that inflight Wi-Fi has caught on at the same time. Let's face it: individuals are finding it harder and harder to live without a Web connection, so it's a golden opportunity for companies such as this to bring the Internet to places it has rarely been before.

In a blockbuster announcement with Volkswagen, Autonet Mobile has proclaimed that it has signed an agreement to provide Uconnect Web (in-car Wi-Fi) to the newly unveiled Routan. You know, that minivan that VW has out. The service is already an option on Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep, but this marks the first time it has partnered specifically with VW. Starting later this month, over 600 Volkswagen dealerships in the United States will offer Routan owners the opportunity to add Uconnect Web, which will allow users to have a rolling Wi-Fi hotstop.

Put simply, something such as this enables riders to play online games on their PSP, listen to Internet Radio, download an application on their iPod touch or even use instant messaging services. All while trying to ignore the eight hours ahead. Exact pricing for the hardware has yet to be disclosed, but typically the boxes run right around $1300. As for the monthly rate? $29, which is certainly much cheaper than a standard mobile broadband card.