Volition's Saints Row 4 Video Demo Gets Funky With a "Dubstep Gun"

Volition is showing off a video demo of Saints Row IV, and the new version of the game offers a host of enticing new features designed to enhance the game’s slapstick-level violence more fun. First off, the leader of the Saints is now the President of the United States. And no, he’s not cruising around in a motorcade wearing a pleasant dark suit; he’s running around in red- and white-striped pants, a blue pinstripe vest, and an American flag top hat.

Further, he’s not exactly governing the country from behind a desk; he’s out in the streets, delivering devastating crotch punches and executing wrestling moves.

Volition has given the character some new weapons to play with, including an inflator gun that makes people inflate and then explode (and then, you know, die), and an aptly named “Dubstep gun. The gun, which appears to actually come equipped with a turntable, shoots lightning bolt-looking rays while playing dubstep music. It’s not clear exactly how such a weapon might affect people, but from the video, we infer that it simply wears people out, physically and auditorily. (“Oh”, say the gun’s victims weakly as they collapse to the ground.)

dubstep gun
The dubstep gun

You can also now customize the look of your weapons; for example, you can change your rocket launcher to look like a guitar case. If you get tired of causing mayhem through traditional hand-to-hand combat and shooting people and things with an array of handheld weapons, you can always drive around in a monster truck or don a mech suit and blast your way through the streets.

mech suit
Carnage in a mech suit

Here’s a major one: the character now has super power. “We decided that the President of the United States, the leader of the Saints, needed to have superpowers”, says a voiceover in the video . His super speed, super jumping ability, freezing powers, and more are “all designed to make you feel like a total badass.”

Saints Row IV will be available on August 20th.