Voice Actions For Android Enables Spoken Command Support

Voice commands are a feature on phones, cars and other devices that frequently get under-utilized. Most people say that these services don't recognize their voice well enough, and it just seems too complicated to mess with when all you're trying to do can also be accomplished by mashing a button or two. Android has supported spoken commands for a while, but they've been limited to dialing a contact in your address book. But now, Google is taking voice actions for Android to a new level.

The newly announced feature, which requires Android 2.2, allows users to tap the microphone button on the Google search box and call businesses, send texts, send e-mail, listen to music, browse the Internet or complete a litany of other common tasks. Users can also view a map of a certain place, search Google, write yourself a note, visit a webpage, and likely even more in the future. The video below does a nice job of showing, and the link below allows you to have the new feature sent to your Froyo handset for free.