VIZIO's Connected HDTV Features Wireless-N

(CES) VIZIO, America's TV and Consumer Electronics Company, announced today the unveiling of its "Connected HDTV" Platform, which enhances the HDTV viewing experience by bringing personalized entertainment, information and social networking content into the viewer's living room. With unprecedented choice and control of web-based and local content from a wide range of popular content providers and services, including on-demand movies and music, news, weather, sports, gaming and social networking services, this platform will be integrated as a key feature into VIZIO televisions shipping to retailers nationwide this Fall 2009 in time for the busy holiday season.

VIZIO's "Connected HDTV" Platform gives HDTV viewers unprecedented choice and access to Internet-based content streamed directly to their VIZIO HDTV without the inconvenience and expense of a PC or set top box. It provides a fully customizable and dynamic entertainment experience with built-in wireless (802.11n) to access on-demand movies, music, news, weather, sports, gaming and social networking services.

Available Content and service providers are rapidly expanding and now include Accedo Broadband, Adobe(R), Amazon(R), Blockbuster(R), Flickr(R), Netflix(R), Pandora, Rhapsody(R) and Yahoo!(R)

VIZIO's "Connected HDTV" Platform is designed to compliment TV viewing. At a single touch of the VIZIO customized remote control, viewers can access their favorite Internet content from the easy to navigate on screen display, without interrupting the TV program they are viewing. With built-in wired and wireless (802.11n) networking, VIZIO televisions with the "Connected HDTV" Platform will provide true plug-and-play connectivity right out of the box.

"In our recent report on the future of the television, Evolution of the Television - From Passive Consumption Device to the Entertainment Center of the Home, we noted, 'The television has evolved from a passive consumption device that received limited over-the-air programming, to the entertainment center of the home where multitudes of activities come together,'" stated Nathan Safran, Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. "While broadband set top boxes that deliver content into the home are interesting because they establish a new way of delivering content to the television, they have had limited appeal because of the up-front equipment outlay and because content has been restricted to a single partner. However, when streaming media capability is integrated directly into the network enabled television, it becomes a game changing proposition, and is the next step in the evolution of the television, as it eliminates the equipment outlay for the set top box and gives the viewer a broad range of content to choose from."

"As consumer demand for content and information grows exponentially, we want to address what our customers are increasingly looking for - the ability to enjoy their favorite content and services from the comfort of their living room easy chair," said Laynie Newsome, VP Sales and Marketing Communication and Co-Founder of VIZIO.

Paul Gagnon, Director of North America TV Market Research at DisplaySearch also noted, "In a hyper-connected world, TVs will start integrating more completely with the various sources of available content. According to a recent study DisplaySearch conducted, 22% of respondents wanted access to web-based information and more than 31% already watch movies from on-demand services."

Along with the expectation of anywhere, anytime access, consumers crave variety and the freedom to choose from a wide set of entertainment and information sources. "Our 'Connected HDTV' Platform is a key element of VIZIO's Consumer Ecosystem, which places the VIZIO HDTV as a focal point, allowing viewers to seamlessly connect to information and entertainment sources that they want, when they want them," said Matthew McRae, VIZIO VP. "The platform also provides an unprecedented opportunity for Internet-based service providers to develop and deploy innovative applications to a large consumer audience."

VIZIO's "Connected HDTV" Platform will incorporate the Yahoo! Widget Engine, which provides an open platform enabling a new class of Internet services, called TV Widgets, to thrive in the TV environment. The platform will also include support for Adobe Flash LiteTM, which will enable developers to deliver rich applications, content, and video over the Web to the television itself.

Leading popular content and service providers are working with VIZIO's "Connected HDTV" Platform to bring a very wide variety of entertainment, information, social networking and other applications to consumers.

By collaborating with leading content, service and technology partners to create a truly compelling and personalized user experience, VIZIO sees its new advanced platform as part of its continual evolution to deliver consumers more of what they love. "The quality of the platform partners that we are attracting validates our approach. Our partner list will continue to expand," stated Matthew McRae, VIZIO VP. "This platform offers innumerable opportunities given VIZIO's hefty HDTV market share and growth expectations for the future."

VIZIO will be conducting private demonstrations of their "Connected HDTV" Platform for key business partners, analysts and press during CES in the La Tache ballroom at the WYNN Las Vegas Resort.

Pricing and model numbers are not available as of yet.
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