Vizio Showcases Entire New HDTV / 3DTV Lineup

Tons of new gear is being introducing during Consumer Electronics Week in NYC. It may be as official, but it's basically Fashion Week, but for gadgets. Vizio is one of the companies on hand to introduce something new, including a fresh Theater 3D technology that's wrapped up in new television models.

They showcased their full line, including a new suite of passive 3DTVs. There's the E, M and XVT, in screen sizes ranging from 32 to 65 inches, with 3D tech available across 11 models at a wide variety of pricing levels. The new crew also has Vizio Internet Apps, enabling folks to hop online and download games, news, sports, and other widgets right from their couch.

These new sets will also include the V.I.A. Plus platform, which delivers a unified and intuitive user experience across multiple devices, including HDTVs, Blu-ray players, tablets and more., and there's a QWERTY remote thrown in to make navigation that much easier. Details on shipments and pricing can be found below in the Via link; with this many new models, one's bound to suit you.
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