Vizio Ships Spring 2013 Laptop And Desktop Windows 8 PC Line-Up

At this point, CES 2013 feels like it was eons ago. But in fact, it was but a few months ago that the technology universe descended upon Las Vegas, and Vizio decided to showcase a few new touch-enabled PCs for the first time. Now, those very machines are ready for shipment, if you've got the coin to snag one. The company's Spring 2013 Windows 8 line-up is finally rolling off of the production line, with a spate of notebooks and a trio of all-in-one desktops taking center stage.

Offering the top-of-the-line quad-core processors from both AMD (A10 APU) and Intel (Core i7), the Touch PC line is fronted by the 15.6" Full HD model (starting at $1,189.99) and 14" HD+ (starting at $1,089.99) laptop. These guys boast thin frames, a multi-gesture touchscreen and increased battery capacity. On the desktop side, the 24" AIO starts at under $1300, while the 27" starts at $1550.

All in all, Vizio's computers are a bit on the pricey side -- not exactly easy to translate those rock-bottom HDTV prices over in the desktop / laptop realm.