VIZIO Goes Small With 7" Edge Lit Razor LED Portable TV

When you think VIZIO, you probably think of low-cost televisions at big box retailers. And that is exactly what has made VIZIO one of the fastest growing company's in America. But the newest TV from the company is pretty far from being a "big screen TV." In fact, it's a tiny screen TV. The company's new 7" Edge Lit Razor LED Portable TV is the company's first mini TV, offering an 800x480 resolution.

The company says it's perfect for tailgating or hanging on the beach, anywhere that it's difficult to take a full-size TV. It also ships with a portable tuner stick that catches free-to-air ATSC or NTSC broadcast signals without subscription required, and it's just 1" deep. The folding antenna clips down to travel, and the kickstand means that no one will get stuck holding it for the group. It also doubles as a photo frame when you aren't using it as a TV, and there's even an internal battery with a 3.5 hour battery life.

The VMB070 is only 8.2” x 5.75” x .75” (7” class size) and weighs just 1 lb., and it's available now in Walmart stores for $159.99. Not bad for a portable screen, but we definitely wish there was a USB port for laptop use.

VIZIO’s new 7” Edge Lit Razor LED™ Portable delivers digital picture quality to personal TV experience

-- Edge Lit Razor LED™ backlighting for brilliant color and contrast with an 800x480 widescreen high resolution panel - twice the picture quality of conventional analog portable TV’s -- ideal for tailgating, anywhere around the house and even away from home

- Receives free-to-air ATSC or NTSC broadcast signals without subscription required
-- Edge Lit Razor LED TV is less than 1” deep, with integrated folding antenna and kickstand as well as a sleek design with touch sensitive TV controls
-- Doubles as a digital photo frame for perfect bedside, desktop, side table companion
IRVINE, CA - - September 21, 2010--- VIZIO, America’s HDTV and Consumer Electronics Company, announced today nationwide availability of their 7” Edge Lit Razor LED™ LCD Portable TV. By expanding VIZIO TVs to portable models it enables consumers to enjoy TV and entertainment from almost anywhere. With an 800x480 widescreen high resolution Razor LED panel, an integrated antenna, and a sleek design of less than 1” thick, consumers now have the perfect entertainment for tailgating, around the house, or away from home —anyplace you want to catch your favorite broadcast or pictures with a brilliant, LED high-resolution picture.
The Edge Lit Razor LED LCD Portable TV launch is the first terrestrial handheld sized TV to include an LED panel, delivering a brighter picture, more vibrant images, high resolution, better contrast, richer colors and a slimmer design.  With a built-in fold-away antenna, touch sensitive TV controls, superior battery life of up to 3.5 hours, it doubles as a LED digital picture frame and provides the ultimate portable TV experience to enjoy TV on the go.
“People want to take entertainment on the go, and there is no reason to sacrifice a quality picture in order to do so,” stated VIZIO Co-founder and V.P. Laynie Newsome. “We have been able to add back the fun in watching TV and given it a great picture too. I know how popular it is going to be first-hand - I had to fight my family for it again this morning.”
VIZIO VMB070 7” Edge Lit Razor LED™ LCD Portable TV

VIZIO’s 7” Edge Lit Razor LED™ LCD Portable TV packs a lot of technology into a sleek, 1” thin frame, including a built-in fold-away antenna and Dolby Digital sound. With up to 3.5 hours of battery life, it’s perfect for backyard barbeques, tailgating parties, or in the bleachers at the game—anyplace you need a brilliant, high-resolution picture. Watch your favorite cable programs in the kitchen, then hook up to a game console in the living room for some action! It also doubles as a digital photo frame—just connect a USB drive to share photos with family and friends.
The VMB070 is only 8.2” x 5.75” x .75” (7” class size) and weighs just 1 lb. It is now available at select Walmart stores or at with an MSRP of $159.99.