Vizio Brings Major Update To 8" Tablet, Expects Boosts For Everyone

It's still a little hard to believe that Vizio, America's low-cost TV spokesperson, makes a tablet. But given the popularity of the segment, we suppose we can't really blame them. Now, they're taking additional steps to make sure their slate measures up to the rest of them.  The company has just unveiled a new update for their 8 inch tablet that promises enhanced performance and feature enhancements that are built to optimize the Internet Apps Plus experience. This new update supposedly makes the user interface a bit quicker to get around in, not to mention bolstered graphics performance, battery life and an expanded set of devices that can be controlled from the VIZIO Universal Remote Control App.

The update follows the recently announced support for Hulu Plus, and the new build also includes added device compatibility for Vizio's Universal Remote Control App, enabling your VIZIO Tablet to become the central hub of your entertainment experience with control of up to 95% of all CE devices in North America. Gamers will benefit from the update too, as the update includes a boost designed to improve gaming performance with better graphics and a faster rendering of content.

So, spunky new features have you gunning for a Vizio tablet? Anyone? Anyone?