VIVO 4.3 Smartphone: Killer Specs On A $250 Android Superphone

Smartphones. They're everywhere. And they're being made by companies you didn't even know existed. The proliferation is Android is in part helped by the ability for outfits that are coming out of nowhere to use the OS. And now, BLU Products has announced a pretty outstanding phone to join the ranks. It's the VIVO 4.3, which is being called the world's first dual-SIM smartphone to feature a Super AMOLED Plus display as well as a dual-core CPU. Dual-SIM phones aren't terribly huge in America, but they're awesome for those who travel. They let you pop two SIM cards in one phone (for example, a SIM from a Belgian carrier and another from a German carrier for those that cross borders routinely). Then, you can just pick which card to use without having to crack open the rear case, scrounge around and find a new SIM, etc.

The new handset is pretty well-specced, with a 1GHz Cortex-A9 CPU, 3G/HSPA connectivity, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and a camera that'll record in HD. The wildest part is the price: it'll hit US retailers in September for just $249.99 without a contract, with Latin America and Asia to get it soon after. To compare, the Galaxy S III is well over $600 off-contract. Something tells us this VIVO may soon be the most powerful phone available on a number of prepaid carriers...
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