Vivaldi KDE Linux Tablet Reaches QA Status To Ship Soon

What's the world coming to? First, there's a $32 million crowdfunding operation in order to craft a smartphone based on Ubuntu Linux, and now, a KDE tablet looks to be shipping to a team of quality assurance engineers. While it's probably too early to declare Linux as an up-and-coming operating system for the mainstream, it's certainly good to see the open source OS getting a lot of love from the two sectors that are most important in the post-PC universe: phones and tablets.

Aaron Seigo, a KDE developer, has stated on his Google+ page that the Vivaldi KDE tablet has reached a point where units are being tested in QA labs. To quote: "A great start to the week with a warm, sunny, quiet Monday. Well, almost quiet. The first Vivaldi tablets, new dual-core engineering boards and the custom EOMA68 developer workbenches we commissioned have all been shipped out. Don't get too excited: the tablets are pre-certification (EC/FCC) and are on their way to us so we can verify the Q/A targets we set out."

Vivaldi has seen a few delays already, which is fairly common for bootstrapped operations, and even mainstream ones -- the white iPhone, for example, was held up for many months. For those holding out hope for a new KDE tablet, perhaps the wait isn't long now.
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