Viva Amiga Documentary Surges Up Most Popular Amazon And iTunes Lists As Retro Computing Love Lives On

We'd contend that one of the best feelings in the entire world is that of nostalgia. Most of us love to time-travel in our minds back to a time that filled us with joy, whether it was caused by a place we visited, or something as simple as a video game we played. Well, where the Amiga is concerned, nostalgia is the name of the game (not literally), so it's of almost no surprise to learn that a brand-new documentary revolving around the platform has soared up the charts.

Viva Amiga: The Story Of A Beautiful Machine is an hour-long documentary that takes a look at the Amiga computer from its inception, when it was an idea to move beyond the standard fare PCs with their monochrome displays, breaking "from the mold set by IBM and Apple".

Viva Amiga

The flick didn't take long to tear up the charts. As of yesterday, the documentary hit the #1 spot on iTunes in Poland, #2 in the UK, Italy, and Germany, #4 in the Netherlands, and #5 in Spain.

The documentary began its production in 2011 and is available in an impressive 12 languages on a variety of platforms. On iTunes, the flick can be rented for a meager $5, or purchased outright for $15. Whether you're nostalgic for Amiga or simply want to see what all the fuss was about, we'd reckon that's going to be money well spent.