Virus Invades U.S. Marshals And FBI Systems

No wonder the Pentagon is bracing for all manners of cyber warfare. Late last week, officials reported that the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service saw some of their computers "shut down" after a virus attack overwhelmed them. Reportedly, the virus stemmed from an invasion at the Marshals Service, with an FBI spokesperson noting that it was just one of several agencies "facing similar issues."

Technicians disconnected the Marshals system from the Justice Department's computer system in order to proactively prevent any further spreading, though Marshals spokesman Nikki Credic insisted that "at no time was data compromised by the virus." She also stated that the origin of the bug and its type were still undetermined, though we find that just a wee bit hard to believe.

All in all, it seems the U.S. Government is remaining mum on the subject, presumably in order to handle things internally and keep it away from the public's view. What's clear from all of this is that even our most trusted backbones aren't totally immune to attacks, though we're quite glad to hear that measures were in place to stop the damage early on and prevent any sort of data tampering.