Virgin Mobile Offers $40 No-Contract Plan: Unlimited Talk/Text + 50MB Data

Voyager Mobile one day, and now, Virgin Mobile the next. These days, it's the prepaid carriers making just as many waves as the postpaid ones, and Virgin Mobile is stepping up its game with a new $40 Unlimited Talk and Text plan ideal for consumers with moderate usage on feature phones. The company's payLo offering brings nonstop talking and messaging (which includes text, picture, email and IM), as well as 50MB of web access. That's hardly enough for most avid smartphone users -- a few reloads of your bustling inbox would eat that right up -- but more occasional users may not take issue with the low data cap.

Customers can also look forward to no activation fees, no long-term contracts and easy tap-up options. As for us? Well, throw in a gigabyte of data for the same rate, and then we're interested.