Virgin Atlantic Aircraft Engineers To Trial Sony SmartWatch 3 And SmartEyeglass Wearables

The wearables market is still relatively new and we haven't really seen many real-world applications, especially for devices like smart glasses that have been stuck in various prototype and beta stages. That's about to change as Virgin Atlantic begins trialing Sony's SmartWear devices as part of a new partnership between the two firms.

As part of the partnership, Virgin Atlantic's plane engineers at London's Heathrow airport will receive Sony's latest (and rather stylish) SmartWatch 3 and SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1 devices next week, plus a smartphone or tablet. The goal is to  streamline communications and add a level of efficiency to technical assistance.

Virgin Atlantic

"We are proud of our recent innovation work to provide the best possible experience for our customer facing roles and we’re pleased to now be exploring how new technology can contribute towards our essential operations procedures. It’s a great way to empower our people by providing instant access to the information they need to be more effective in their roles," said Phil Maher, Director of Operations at Virgin Atlantic.

Using Sony's SmartEyeglass, onsite engineers can stream video to technicians in a control room in real-time. The technicians will be able to view the video through an app on their tablet or smartphone, and then provide detailed assistance. Meanwhile, SmartWatch 3 devices will serve as continuous activity logs, as well as give engineers on the runway additional ob details and changes as needed.