Vine for Android Receives Massive Update, Now Equivalent to iOS

Just over a week ago, Vine rolled out its biggest update yet to iOS, leaving Android users sitting on the sideline except for a protected posts feature. At the time, Vine co-founder and CTO Colin Kroll promised to roll out the same set of features and improvements to Android "next week," and making good on that promise, an updated version of Vine is now available in Google Play.

Everything that's available to iOS users has been ported over to Android, including the ability to "re-vine" and a bunch of new camera tools, such as grid, focus, and ghost tools. Android users can also submit posts to any of 15 channels, such as comedy, music, and nature.

Vine for Android

Along with the massive update, Android users receive a bit of bragging rights over their iOS brethren. That's because there's at least one new feature available on Android that isn't on iOS. On Android, there's a capture widget that allows you to fire up the camera from the home screen and use Vine without having to open the application.

Though this is the biggest update to Vine yet, Kroll promises that even more features are "coming soon."