Viiv & VPro Get Renamed

It appears that Intel's plans to change their consumer CPU nomenclature (again) have proven a bit too much too soon for some partners, who are more than likely worried that another alteration to naming conventions could throw off some of their less technically oriented customers.

On top of those concerns it is also widely believed that the initial announcement of Viiv and subsequent attempts to build Viiv into a brand name haven't met with the levels of success that Intel has hoped for.

“Intel's plans to unify the naming scheme for its CPUs, Viiv and vPro platforms are to be put on hold, according to sources at PC makers.

Due to protests from the market, Intel recently notified its partners that the naming scheme plan, which was to start on January 1, 2008 will be postponed. However Viiv and vPro platforms will still be renamed to Core 2 Viiv and Core 2 vPro, respectively, noted the sources.”

It is still entirely possible that we'll end up seeing the Core part of the name dropped in the future.
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