ViewSonic Reveals VP3D1 3D Projection Converter Box

Is 3D ready for primetime? Does it have staying power? Is it here to stay, and will it really be the next meaningful revolution in television technology? That all remains to be seen, of course, but there's no doubt that 3D has made a material impact in things. You can't go a day in the consumer electronics world without hearing of 3D, and today's no different. ViewSonic has just issued the VP3D1 converter box, which lets 3D-ready projectors show 3D consumer content.

In other words, those that use this can view their favorite 3D Blu-ray, PlayStation3 3D games, 3D TV broadcasts and other Full HD 1080p 3D content on their current home theater projector. The device has dual HDMI 1.4a inputs (and v1.3 output connectors), and compatible ViewSonic projector models include the Pro8450w, Pro8500, PJD6251 and PJD6531w; however, the VP3D1 supports any 3D Ready DLP projector with an HDMI connection to ensure maximum market flexibility.

It's available now for $299, which seems like a steep price to pay until you realize that your only real alternative is shelving or selling your existing PJ and ponying up for an expensive 3D model.