ViewSonic Announces Insanely Thin VX2460h-LED Monitor

There are thin monitors, and then there's the new VX2460h-LED from ViewSonic, a panel so skinny that other LCDs make snide comments behind its back. While others are talking the talk, the VX2460h-LED is walking the walk with a svelte frame that measures a scant quarter of an inch thin, or 6.8mm if you're into the metric system.

According to ViewSonic, this is thinnest profile available for a monitor this size (24 inches) and class (home consumer). It boasts a Full HD 1080p screen resolution, 2ms response time, 40,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, dual HDMI inputs, touch sensitive controls, an ECO-mode feature that supposedly results in up to 40 percent energy savings when compared to a regular 23.6-inch monitor, and Windows 7 certification.

The VX2460h-LED will ship in mid-May in Europe for £159 (around US$210) or €199 (around US$264) inclusive of VAT. ViewSonic didn't say when or if it plans to launch the VX2460h-LED in the U.S. market.