Viber Brings Another VoIP Calling Option To Android

VoIP services have skyrocketed as of late, with Skype being purchased by Microsoft for a whopping $8 billion. It's fairly clear that communications are moving towards Internet-based solutions (at least in part), and a new app from Viber is evidence of that.  

Viber is yet another VoIP app, but this new Android build (iOS already exists) brings it to millions of new users. To date, it has racked up over 12 million active users, which lets them call other Viber users or dial out to actual phone lines.  

The Android build of this app is actually improved over the iOS version in a few key ways: there's a full call screen whenever a Viber call is received, a popup text message notification which lets users respond to text messages without having to open Viber, and tighter integration with the phone, which allows users to see their regular call logs and messages within Viber.

Care to take a peek on how it works prior to downloading? Watch below:

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