Vets Might Sue VA Over Laptop Theft

It never ceases to amaze us when we hear stories of large organizations losing computers containing sensitive data of thousands of people.  In the case of the VA laptop theft, it looks like a class-action law suit is potentially in the works, and will seek to compensate users for the added stress of worrying about their credit and embarrassment.  In other words it isn't exactly the kind of additional burden that somebody suffering from post traumatic stress disorder needs to be dealing with.

Considering the 26.5 million or so records that went missing, it certainly had an impact on a lot of former service members.  For those who missed the initial story, here is a quick recap:

“A laptop and hard drive were stolen last year during a burglary at the home of a Veterans Affairs employee. The equipment contained the names, Social Security numbers and birth dates of veterans discharged since 1975. It was the worst-ever breach of government data.

The equipment was later recovered and the FBI said the sensitive files were neither compromised nor accessed.”
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