Versetta Handbag Protects/Hides Your iPad, Rolls Down The Catwalk

Since when are handbags considered gadgets? Starting now! Versetta handbags have just introduced a new line of bags, and what makes 'em special isn't the material or the design, necessarily. Instead, it's the fact that you can stuff an iPad into it. There's a folding flap and an insert that's big enough to hold/cover an original iPad or the iPad 2, and it allows users of the bag to access their tablet without even removing it from the purse itself.

It's a gorgeous bag, no question about it, and the ability to use it as an iPad case is a double-bonus. It's obviously not for everyone, but if you need a good gift for the avid iPad lover in your life, this looks to be a solid option.

Versetta® handbags and cases deliver form and fashion for today's iPad® users

Peoria, IL., July 15, 2011 Scott Creations LLC is pleased to announce the availability of Versetta handbags and cases. Versetta bags are designed specifically to make carrying and interacting with your iPad simple and intuitive-like it was supposed to be! Each bag features an incorporated frame, with a protective flap, which securely holds the iPad (version 1 or 2). Once the flap is opened, the iPad, and it's ports, can be accessed without removing it from the bag.

While the benefit of having your handbag double as a work station is obvious, it's the bags' style and color choices that are exciting customers. Whatever one's personal preference in bags - tote, satchel, hobo, attaché - there's a Versetta bag available, in colors ranging from business black and brown to turquoise, pink, sunny yellow and trendy coral.

The Prima collection is a line of women's fashion handbags in sought-after colors and styles. Women who appreciate fashion and technology will appreciate the freedom from frumpy, stuffy laptop bags, and will love Versetta handbags' quality construction, material and hardware. "No longer do women have to dig in their purse to find their tablet, nor do they have to carry a separate bag to carry their iPad safely and securely", stated Susan Scott, founder of Scott Creations LLC.

The Affari collection is classic designs for professionals who have embraced today's technology. Lawyers, executives, realtors, road warriors and medical reps will welcome the ability to work on-the-go.

Beginning July 15th, Versetta handbags will be available for purchase. Scott Creations LLC, the manufacturer of Versetta handbags, will take orders through the website, www. The fully functional online store will process all credit cards, issue gift certificates, and create wish lists for their clients. Retailers can also contact Scott Creations LLC directly through the web site to carry the popular handbags in their stores.

"We introduced the Versetta bags and cases at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show and received rave reviews," said Scott. "iPad enthusiasts, particularly the 'Techy Moms' were thrilled to find a truly fashionable solution to easily access and interact with their tablet computers. "

Versetta is the first bag of it's kind in the marketplace. Demand for the collection is expected to be great, as consumers and bloggers have been anticipating the release. Consumers and retailers are encouraged to place their orders quickly.
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