Verizon's 'More Everything' Plan Goes Live with Bigger Data Caps, Lower Prices

Verizon Wireless has long since ditched its unlimited data plan (save for those who are grandfathered in), but in the absence of bringing that back, the wireless carrier just rolled out its "More Everything" plan starting at $45 per month. Straight to the point, Verizon Wireless is giving subscribers more of everything for less money in some cases.

"More Everything changes the game by adding even more of what customers want from their wireless provider in a single, simple monthly plan," Verizon's chief marketing officer Ken Dixon said in a statement.

Verizon Van

The plan is open to both new and existing subscribers. There's a per-device charge that runs $40 per month for smartphones, $30 for basic phone, and $10 for tablets. Once you have that part figured out, you then select a data cap. There are quite a bit to choose from, including: 250MB for $15/month, 500MB for $30/month, 1GB for $40/month, 2GB for $50/month, 3GB for $60/month, 4GB for $70/month, 6GB for $80/month, 8GB for $90/month, 10GB for $100/month, 12GB for $110/month, 14GB for 120/month, 16GB for $130/month, 18GB for $140/month, 20GB for $150/month, 30GB for $225/month, 40GB for $300/month, and 50GB for $375/month (phew!).

A couple of brand new options are the 250MB and 500MB plans, while the previous 500MB and 1GB plans have doubled in capacity, and the previous 2GB plan gets bumped to 3GB, all for the same price as before. All of the above plans come with unlimited talk and text, including international messaging, plus 25GB of cloud storage.

Overage charges run $15 per 1GB if you're signed up to a 1GB or higher plan; $15 per 200MB if you're on the 250MB plan; and $15 per 500MB if you're on the 500MB plan.