Verizon's LTE-Equipped Galaxy Nexus Not Launching On 12/9

What's this? Yep, the back-and-forth surrounding the Galaxy Nexus continues, and unfortunately, it looks like the roller coaster is heading toward a dip, not a climb. While there's no doubt in anyone's mind that a 4G LTE-enabled Galaxy Nexus is en route for Verizon Wireless, we've received reason to believe that it won't be launching on 12/9, as previously assumed. It's tough to say what the hold-up is. Verizon has long pushed the DROID franchise, and they're certainly doing all they can to manuver the DROID RAZR as the flagship phone for the holidays, despite overwhelming buzz and demand for an LTE-equipped version of the Galaxy Nexus. Nevertheless, the internal note below makes it quite clear that the 12/9 launch is definitely a no-go.

There aren't any other details to go on, like a new release date, but it's fairly safe to say that you won't be picking one up this weekend until VZW changes their tune really, really quick. Will this thing get out by Christmas? We'd like to think so, and if not, someone at Verizon Wireless will certainly have some 'splaining to do.