Verizon's FiOS TV To Host First 3D NFL Game Of 2010 Season

3D is here to stay, for a while anyway. And that means that 3D content will slowly but surely arrive to catch up with the 3D hardware that's already out there. Programming is sure to scare for some time, as not many programs are even equipped with the cameras to shoot in 3D, and not all content will be shot in 3D. With HD, everything could benefit from a higher resolution. That's not the case with 3D, with some content simply looking gimmicky when transformed.

But one area where most everyone can agree that 3D will benefit is sports. The World Cup already proved that sports in 3D has traction to gain, and the NFL is apt to follow suit. Select football matches have been shown to select groups in 3D in the past, and they've always shown well. This year, we can expect even more 3D in the NFL, with Verizon hosting the first one exclusively on their FiOS TV service. The September 2 match between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots will be more than just a regular pre-season match. It'll be the first 3D NFL game of the 2010 season, and it will be shown on FiOS Channel 834 for FiOS TV subscribers in the New York City area, including Long Island and Westchester and Rockland counties, as well as for subscribers in northern New Jersey, Mercer County, N.J., Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

You will need the service, a compatible TV and 3D glasses to enjoy the broadcast, and if you have all of those, you could probably charge neighbors to come over and enjoy. If you don't, you could check around a local watering holes; we get the impression that quite a few bars will be hosting this match. It should be quite the kickoff to the season.
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