Verizon Wireless To Cancel Upgrade Incentives

Before the iPhone 4 makes its debut on Verizon Wireless, the carrier is making changes to some of its policies. More specifically, Verizon Wireless plans to cancel its New Every Two program as well as its early upgrade policy. Both of these policies offer savings to current customers who are looking to upgrade their phone.

Verizon Wireless’ New Every Two program gives customers a credit toward the purchase of a new phone every two years. This credit ranges from $30 to $100. Starting January 16, this offering will no longer be available. The carrier’s Annual Upgrade program will also end January 16.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Customers who were previously eligible for discounted phones as early as 13 months into a two-year contract will now have to wait 20 months to get a new phone at the promotional new-customer price instead of retail.”

Brenda Raney, a Verizon Wireless spokesperson, recently told eWeek that Verizon Wireless customers who are under contract prior to January 16 and who meet the qualifications for New Every Two or the Annual Upgrade program will be grandfathered and allowed to use the benefit one more time. Raney also indicated a similar program will replace the Annual Upgrade and New Every Two programs.