Verizon Wireless Intros New Global Data Package: $25 For 100MB

International travel is pretty stressful as-is, but when you combine the fact that getting smartphone data while abroad could end up costing more than your flight -- well, that's even less fun. Global data roaming is a major, major expense, and while many savvy travelers attempt to pick up loaner SIMs at their destination, there's no doubt that it's not possible to do so in every instance. For those who routinely find themselves scurrying to foreign lands, Verizon Wireless has introduced a new Global Data Plan. Beginning April 23rd, US-based customers can get a 100MB monthly pool of data for $25. That's a tiny pool, yes, but it's far greater than VZW's prior offerings.

Whenever you go over that 100MB pool, another $25 is tacked on to keep you rolling. It's also important to note that this package only takes into account select foreign countries; outside of those, you'll be charged at Pay Per Use rates of $0.02 per KB.

It's a move in the right direction for global data, but it's still far from affordable. Hopefully, the idea of roaming will be a foreign concept sooner rather than later.
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