Verizon Wireless Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary Of 4G LTE

Can you believe it? One year ago, Verizon Wireless launched 4G LTE. And now, it feels like we've had it forever, and "normal" 3G speeds just feel sluggish in comparison. The wireless carrier is today celebrating the 1-year anniversary of their newest wireless protocol, and what started in 38 markets has now grown to nearly 200, and it's spreading like wildfire. Anyone who has used it swears by it, and it's truly a game-changer in the world of wireless technology.

In addition, VZW used the celebrating to announce that two new Xyboard Droid tablets would soon be arriving from Motorola, both with Android 4.0. Furthermore, another one from Samsung is en route. It's good to have that fourth gee, you know?