Verizon Wireless Bringing LTE To America Next Month

In case you were wondering when Verizon Wireless would finally up their ante and match Sprint, well now you know. There's debate out there on whether LTE is truly 4G (and T-Mobile's HSPA+ for that matter), but there's no doubt that Long Term Evolution equipment will provide faster transfers than standard 3G.

Verizon has maintained that they would launch the network by early next year in America, but it sounds like that may happen earlier than expected now. The carrier has stated that the first LTE devices will be data devices; things like USB WWAN modems and Mobile HotSpots. Phones will come later, after the network has had a little time to grown.

In a new commercial, Verizon has made clear that the network will launch in December 2010, or next month. They haven't made clear if actual devices will go on sale by the year's end, but it seems like a smart choice if they want to use the holiday rush to their advantage. December's only a few days away, so we should find out soon enough.
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