Verizon To Sell Subsidized 3G Netbooks

Cellphone operators around the globe have now been offering up WWAN-enabled netbooks for months now, and while AT&T has been doing so in the United States with HP's 2133 Mini-Note, Verizon Wireless is hoping to grab some of that excitement here soon. Essentially, carriers are selling netbooks for even less than retail; the catch is that you have to agree to stick to that bundled 3G data plan for a full two years. In other words, the netbook ends up costing you far more in the long run, but you do get a cash discount up front along with 24 months of mobile internet everywhere you (and your netbook) go.

Now, we're being told that Verizon, now America's largest wireless carrier, is expected to begin selling a subsidized netbook "as early as next quarter." We're told that customers (or prospective customers, as the case may be) will be able to choose from more than one 3D-equipped netbook, and while pricing and plan details aren't quite hammered out just yet, we fully expect them to be mighty competitive.

So, would a netbook be more enticing to you if it cost you under $100 up front, yet came tethered to a two-year data contract?