Verizon To Launch Hub App Mart This Year

Back in February, Verizon sought to revolution the home phone with the introduction of its Hub. Half telephone, half Internet tablet, the Hub really was a huge departure from the norm for Verizon Wireless and a unique device overall.

Today, we're learning that the carrier is hoping to add a bit of oomph already by preparing an application market for the Hub, and we're even told that a Hub 2 (which detaches the phone from the screen) is in the works. The Hub will soon come bundled with a specialized app mart, which will presumably enable users to tap into even more Internet-enabled widgets to make better use of the VoIP device.

Of course, it doesn't help that Americans are abandoning home phones at a record pace, but maybe the promise of newfangled utility will convince folks that the Hub really would be a good addition to the home. In related news, Verizon is also hoping to soon drop the "Must Be A Verizon Customer" requirement, enabling any prospective user to buy in. As for a launch date for the Hub market? Sometime later this year.