Verizon To Give FiOS TV Customers Online Access To Shows

If you had any doubts that the TV Everywhere initiative was picking up steam, here's some proof that the service is really gaining traction. With Comcast and Time Warner Cable already latching on, the newest pay-TV operator to join in is Verizon. The company, which sells television programming over its fiber-based FiOS TV offering, has this week become a TV Everywhere partner.

What's it mean? It means that FiOS TV customers that pay for television packages in the home can also see some of those channels online, with a more robust programming lineup than what it already available for free on network websites and Hulu. Time Warner Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bewkes noted that Verizon would be able to offer TNT and TBS programming on-demand and online with no extra cost to paying FiOS TV subscribers, though it should be noted that the program is still in "trial mode" at the moment. Those fortunate enough to be in the test can watch the material on any Internet-connected notebook or desktop by simply logging in with their Verizon Online username and password.

There's no public information on who all will be selected to test it, but we get the idea that Verizon will be giving you a shout if you're one of them. So now, all we have left to wonder is what pay-TV provider won't be supporting TV Everywhere? It seems like a bandwagon that's really gaining steam, and with the growing desire for online TV, we highly doubt cable and FTTH carriers will be able to ignore the movement. Still, we maintain that having online access to live TV that you're paying for at home would really get people interested; otherwise, those currently surviving on OTA channels, Hulu and Netflix are apt to keep on keeping on.