Verizon Spokesperson Confirms Impending Death Of Unlimited Data Plans

Well, it had to happen at some point, right? When things are just too good to be true, they rarely last. That's what has happened with Verizon Wireless' unlimited data plans. At the launch of LTE, it was possible to buy a smartphone and get unlimited 4G for the same price as 3G. Clearly, that was simply an introductory offer. Now, Verizon is planning to do away with that unlimited flat-fee plan for new customers, with the dream ending sometime this summer.

A spokesperson for the carrier confirmed that they would be following the lead of other operators in America (they didn't name AT&T, but it's pretty obvious), and new tiered plans will be introduced in place of the unlimited bucket. An interesting twist to this is that the company plans to offer "family data plans" at some point, which will offer a similar opportunity to family text/minute plans. There's a bucket of data for every smartphone in a family plan to use, and if any member pushes the total over, there will be fees.

We obviously aren't fans of seeing the $29.99/month data plan go away, but it feels inevitable. People are consuming more and more data, and carriers see an opportunity to make the most of that demand with tiered data plans. If you're hoping to get unlimited, now might be the time to lock something in with a new contract...