Leaky Friday: Verizon Samsung Continuum Launching Oct. 28

The Verizon Samsung Continuum, also known as the i400, is scheduled to launch on Oct 28, according to a report we received from an anonymous source. The source did not have pricing info, however, he confirmed that the device is indeed carrying Android 2.1 Update 1 (naturally, this could change).
The Samsung Continuum (or i400) looks like a Galaxy S class phone, based on the leaked shots, but it has twist: a second horizontal screen or "ticker" below the main screen. The ticker is to be used for RSS feeds, notifications and even date and time info.

If the device is held in a certain way, a Grip sensor is activated and the ticker only will display.  There is a separate Ticker section in the settings, to configure RSS feeds as well as sleep time for the Ticker, and enabling or disabling the grip sensor as well.

Indeed, the Ticker is sort of a gimmick, but remembering Microsoft's mantra of sorts for Windows Phone, "Get in, get out, get back to life," the Ticker might just serve that purpose for Android.  We'll see, when the device hits the market.