Verizon Powers Cloud Service With AMD SeaMicro Servers

Microservers may not be for everyone, but when computing requirements are low, such as with a cloud server, they could be perfect. Such proof of that comes from Verizon today, which has just announced its plans to adopt thousands of microservers to back its 'Verizon Cloud' network. Perhaps better still, the purchases are going to AMD, which has been in rather bad need of good news lately.

The purchases will go through SeaMicro, which AMD acquired early last year for $334 million. The acquisition was questionable at first, given AMD's financial situation, but if this Verizon involvement is the beginning of things, it could be an acquisition that pays off handsomely over time.

While Verizon will continue to use "normal" servers in other capacities, using microservers for cloud computing allows the company to scale-up very easily, and according to the company, the "cost and efficiency are unparalleled". That's just what a company like AMD wants people to hear, but one can't help but wonder what Intel is thinking, given it's the leader of microservers at the moment.