Verizon Launches Its First iPhone 4 Commercial (on YouTube)

Hey, you there, out from under that rock. Have you heard? Verizon's going to carry Apple's iPhone 4 starting February 10, 2011. Oh, you have heard? Alright then, here's something you probably haven't seen just yet. It's Verizon's first commercial promoting the new partnership with Steve Jobs and Co., a 30-second spot the wireless carrier tossed up on YouTube.

There's just one line in the entire spot, though Verizon manages to say just enough: "To our millions of customers who never stopped believing this day would come, thank you."

You can bet there will be plenty more commercials to follow, but what will really be interesting is how AT&T responds, and whether or not another tit-for-tat campaign between Verizon and AT&T emerges.