Verizon Is Hunting Cable Out In The Landscape

Verizon has a good thing going with their FiOS  bundled service packages.(fiber-optic service that can simultaneously deliver TV, fast Internet and telephone) Its appeal is based around the very fast upload and download speeds that their fiber-optic cable can deliver. They've become a kind of de facto alternate for cable TV and Internet service for people dissatisfied with what's available in their area. But FiOS service has been introduced in a helter-skelter manner, with vast areas of Verizon's telephone service map being unable to purchase it even if they wanted it. That's about to change, as Verizon has announced a plan to expand availability of their Internet service. 

The New York telecommunications company next week will begin offering FiOS Internet service, which boasts download speeds of 50 megabits per second, to 10 million homes and small businesses throughout its 16-state territory, widening it beyond its availability in six states. While still just a fraction of Verizon's total customer base, the expansion represents a leap ahead of the geographic reach of cable providers' super-fast Internet service.

At 50 Mbps, a person could download a high-definition movie in 13 minutes, or a 60-minute Web video in eight seconds.

Cable operator Comcast has demonstrated a similar very fast Internet connection, but it's  not available to the general public yet. And it's unlikely they can continue to keep up for long. The fiber-optic cable can have speed upgrades over time to carry almost limitless data without being replaced. Comcast can only goose that copper wire so many times.
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