Verizon Family Data Plans Coming in 2012?

File this one under “It’s About Freakin’ Time”: Verizon may offer family data plans next year, according to a report from Fierce Wireless.

The report cites comments by (newly-appointed) Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference indicating that Verizon has been working on developing a way to offer family data plans for a couple of years now, and the company may have finally figured it out.

Family data plans just make sense; in a given family, there may be two or more smartphones, a tablet here or there, a USB modem, and more, and it’s ridiculous to have individual data plans for each device--not to mention oppressively expensive. Family voice and messaging plans have become commonplace, so why not data plans?

Verizon has been gaining momentum as late, furiously rolling out 4G deployments, buying up wireless spectrum, and unveiling new 4G devices. According to Consumer Reports, Verizon is also ranked highest in customer satisfaction among the big four wireless carriers.

Here’s hoping the competition will catch up quickly, because we’d to see a family data plan price war.
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