Verizon Apologizes To Disgruntled Chromebook Pixel LTE Customers, Promises To Restore Data Service

It may have taken a minute or two in order to correct a situation that should never have become a situation in the first place, but according to reports, Verizon Wireless will honor a second year of free data service (100MB/month) to Chromebook Pixel LTE customers who saw their service shut off prematurely.

For some unknown reason, Verizon stopped offering some Chromebook Pixel LTE customers free data service after just one year even though the device was marketed as coming with two years of service. Following complaints and an eery silence from camp Verizon, Google stepped in and offered affected customers $150 Visa gift cards for their trouble.

Chromebook Pixel

Now we hear that Verizon is working to correct the situation.

"We understand that a very small number of Chromebook Pixel customers may have had a promo end prematurely," the company stated in an email to The Register. "We apologize for this, and will work with these customers to address the situation.

Verizon hasn't said why service was shut off in the first place, nor is it fully known what prompted the company to turn it back on. It could have been a simple mistake to begin with, though some have speculated that Verizon may have felt pressured from negative media attention and reports that a Boston law firm was investigating the matter.