Verizon Allows FiOS Customers To Stream 'Nearly All' DVR Content Outside The Home

If you have FiOS service from Verizon, things just got a bit more interesting when it comes to your DVR content. Customers that have both Quantum TV and FiOS Internet service will have the capability to watch all of their received content outside of their home (as long as you have an active Internet connection).

This is made possible thanks to recent updates to the FiOS Mobile App for Android and iOS. Verizon says that “nearly all” of your DVR content is available to stream outside the home, so we don’t know exactly in what circumstances that the company would forbid you you accessing certain reordered content.

fios mobile

"The latest innovations of the FiOS Mobile app are how today's consumers want to watch TV and view content," said Susan Retta, Verizon’s VP of Consumer Marketing. "These new features allow our customers to take their home Fios TV experience with them and to enjoy it whenever and wherever they go."

Verizon also announced a smaller change with regards to live TV. The company will now allow you to stream every single one of your live TV channels to a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. This of course sounds great in theory, but it’s only available when you’re on your home Wi-Fi network streaming channels via your smartphone or tablet.

If you’d like to stream live TV while away from your home network, you can always use Verizon’s TV Go app, but it only provides a small subset of channels for you to enjoy.

You can download the updated FiOS Mobile App for Android and iOS from Google Play and the App Store, respectively, starting today.

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