Verismo Launches $99 VuNow PoD with YouTube

Verismo Networks and YouTube have partnered to give you the ability to watch millions of YouTube videos on your TV using the new VuNow PoD. Thanks to this handy little box, you can watch Web content on your TV without connecting it to a computer. This palm-sized device lets you access movies, global Live TV channels, user-generated content, and viral videos. Although the company doesn’t say much more about this content and which shows are accessible, it alludes to the fact that you can take advantage of major networks' shows which are available online, among other content.

To use the VuNow, all you have to do is connect the PoD to the TV similarly to how you would connect a DVD player. Within minutes, you should be able to browse, search, and select Internet content using your remote control.


YouTube users can log in to their accounts through the TV and access their videos, channels, and playlists. VuNow also has a search interface and a soft keypad to help you find videos by partial or complete keywords. In addition, you can browse YouTube categories, including Featured Videos and Top Rated.

Whether you’re a die-hard YouTube video fan, or if you’re just looking for a way to cut costs while still having plenty of new content available to view on your TV, the VuNow might be the solution. That is, assuming you’re willing to add yet another set-top box to your entertainment system.

VuNow is available as a high-definition box or as a standard-definition box. The VN1000HD Hi-Def POD is available for $149, and the VN100SD Std-Def POD costs $99. The VuNow PoDs are available directly from Verismo Networks’ website,

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