Velocity Micro's Raptor Signature Addition Now Shipping with Asetek 570LC Cooler

There was a time when pre-built machines mostly shipped with stock cooling solutions. Some still do, but in the realm of boutique system builders, third-party coolers are now the norm, and in particular those by Asetek. Case in point, Velocity Micro just announced that it's equipping its Raptor Signature Edition build with Asetek's 570LC self-contained liquid cooling solution.

"One of the biggest challenges when building any ultra-performance desktop is dissipating the heat generated by the CPU, especially when overclocking. Essentially, heat is your enemy," said Randy Copeland, President and CEO of Velocity Micro. "The Asetek 570LC allows our engineering team to quietly and efficiently cool the CPU for a more powerful, longer lasting desktop. That gives us a distinct edge over the competition."

According to Velocity Micro, the Asetek 570LC offers up to 10C more headroom when overclocking versus standard air cooling. This, in turn, should allow VM to push CPU speeds higher without instability rearing its ugly head. Other high points include a maintenance free design and low noise levels at just 26 dB.

As for the rest of the Raptor Signature Edition, this high end PC starts at a little over $4,500 and includes an Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 990X processor, EVGA X58 motherboard, 1000W power supply, 6GB of DDR3-1600, GeForce GTX 570 videocard, a pair of 1TB 7200RPM hard drives, oodles of USB 2.0 ports, and other odds and ends.