VapoChill LightSpeed[AC], NVIDIA SLI, and more!

Hey folks, it's been a day of trojan and spyware fighting, and all that's left is the news and a good 8 hours of sleep. For your reading pleasure tonight, we have reviews for the asetek VapoChill LightSpeed, ASUS Extreme N600GT PCI-E, Hiper Type R Black & Silver Label 480W PSU, and a look at NVIDIA's SLI. Good night :)

asetek VapoChill LightSpeed [AC] @ Viper Lair

"It really is pretty amazing when you hear that single beep to signify a successful POST of your system after an overclock, and to hear it time after time no matter how high you raise the FSB ... absolutely magical. And I know mine isn't (currently) one of the best overclocks out there! Other folks are going higher, with 5GHz being very attainable thanks to the Vapochill Lightspeed."

Hiper Type R Black Label & Silver Label 480W PSU @ PimpRig

"Studying the 8 pages in English, only the last two and a half pages are of any real use, covering connector pinouts, features and warranty information, but include a hopelessly optimistically titled "troubleshooting" section covering four lines. The rest of the English section seems to be a poorly adapted (and sometimes poorly translated)..."


"A simple implementation that just splits the rendering across two processors with one rendering an upper portion of the screen and the other rendering the rest is likely to suffer the worst with uneven workloads, and a straight 50/50 distribution is not likely to be the best solution – indeed the Metabyte solution mentioned earlier hard coded an uneven split between the two graphics boards in the system."

ASUS Extreme N6600GT PCI-E SLI @ Hardware Avenue

"Hardware Avenue has today reviewed the ASUS Extreme N6600GT PCI-E videocard in SLI form. On top of the standard look at a videocard, they also look into the value and appeal a 6600GT SLI based system may (or may not) feature."

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