Valve Team Fortress 2 Community Launch “Robotic Boogaloo”

Is there a gaming company hotter than Valve right now? That's a debate that could last for hours, but here's something that's pretty universally understood: Steam has completely transformed the idea of game delivery, and now that it's spreading to other platforms, it's giving gamers even easier access to even more titles. One of those famed titles that honestly needs little introduction is Team Fortress, and specifically, the second (and latest) version.

Members of the Team Fortress 2 community, known as "Team Boogaloogers," have assembled and launched a completely community-created update, entitled "Robotic Boogaloo," for Team Fortress 2. Available now via Steam and featuring more community items than any other update ever released, Electric Boogaloo also includes a new comic, TF2 short, and more. Those interested can spend their Sunday at tf.2com, or better yet, playing away. Let us know how you think it is in comments.